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Explore UIUC Entrepreneurship

Discover the resources that exist in the UIUC entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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The EntrepreneurShop

Physical co-working space for entrepreneurs at the Siebel Center for Design


Community channel for entrepreneurial discussion

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New startup development program that runs every spring with showcase grand prize of $25,000

6-week long customer-discovery focused entrepreneurship program with $2,000 stipends

$20,000 grant for a student pursuing a social impact startup or technology 

Pitching & networking event for entrepreneurs and startups that runs a few times each semester

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Year-long curriculum for top student startups at UIUC providing up to $20,000 in funding, global networking, & epic resources.

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Dorm-based living community for Freshman seeking in-depth entrepreneurial exposure

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Student-run incubator for early-stage startups

Portfolio of student-led projects focusing on social impact in the CU community

Accelerator for mature technology startups at UIUC on their way to becoming formal companies

Free consulting services for new or prospective technology entrepreneurs

Works with students to launch impactful social ventures

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Technology business incubator and community resource space

Biomedical pre-incubation program that connects interdisciplinary students interested in early-stage medical ventures

Strategy consulting for early-stage startups

Focuses on assisting in subsistence marketplaces around the world

University Lab Spaces

24/7 creative workspace for all students to work on personal projects outside of the classroom in ECEB

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Large workspace dedicated to entrepreneurs in the Grainger Engineering Library

The world's first business school 3D printing lab at the BIF

Build and apply your skills by exploring technologies like AI, VR, AR, blockchain, and more.

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