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Research & Development

The R&D team is the "startup within Founders". We are always working to provide value to startups at UIUC by creating software solutions for all student entrepreneurs.

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Nihal Saxena
R&D Team Lead
Serena Behera
Software Developer
Kevin zhang .jpg
Kevin Zhang
Software Developer
Aryan Bhardwaj
Software Developer
Samuel Du.jpg
Samuel Du
Software Developer
Vineet Chinthakindi
Software Developer
Rayva Verma.jpeg
Rayva Verma
Software Developer
ashley headshot.png
Ashley Wang
Software Developer
Prashant Naganaboyina.jpeg
ayushe nagpal.jpeg
Ayushe Nagpal
Software Developer
Prashant Naganaboyina
Software Developer

We're a relatively new team, being created in Fall of 2019. In that time, we have been speaking with the entrepreneurship community at U of I to determine what types of software they need to thrive. We provide services and software tools for startups, and fill the gaps in the entrepreneurship community by identifying and researching problems.

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