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Founders Events: What Makes Founders So Special

Founders helps students create businesses from the ground up. The Founders Startup Curriculum is a series of events that drives startup innovation by turning your ideas into a reality. Events range from several days to several weeks, but they all foster the creativity and entrepreneurship that you need to start your very own venture.

The Curriculum

The Founders Startup Curriculum is a series of events that helps students wanting to start their own business, learn more about entrepreneurship in general, or find jobs at already existing startups. The curriculum is as follows: Startup Bootcamp, 54 Startup Weekend, Forge, and the Startup Career Fair.

Startup Bootcamp

Startup Bootcamp is an 8-week workshop series designed to lay the groundwork for student entrepreneurial success. Lectures will be delivered by leading university faculty and successful members of the entrepreneurship community alongside supplemental office hours and assignments.


54 is a 3-day event where students from different backgrounds come together to form teams and launch a successful startup. No experience required. Just bring yourself, some friends and good ideas. 54 hours- Go!


Forge is a 2-day conference to bring together the entrepreneurship communities across the Midwest. Over a weekend in Chicago, you'll meet other student entrepreneurs from all of the top schools in the region.

Startup Career Fair

Startup Career Fair is not your average career fair. Get hired by fast-growing startups! All majors, all years, and seekers of both full-time positions and internships are welcome. There's something for everyone.

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