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The 5 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Startup

Creating your startup product can be hard, but reaching your target audience can be harder. Marketing tools are resources meant to run a marketing campaign to best promote and expand your company. These are a few of the best marketing techniques and resources to use to build your company's audience.


1. Social Media Automation

Dedicating time towards social media often seems simple, but still requires significant attention when building a company's audience. Creating schedules, and automated publications will push your company to remain consistent in its social media presence, in addition to promoting consistency in your new products. Scheduling posts ahead of time, automating posts, and most importantly, engaging with your customers will promote your social media platforms. Engaging with your customers creates a personal connection between the company and its users, making your customers feel as if they are involved in your journey and success. A few of the best social media marketing tools are SocialBee, PromoRepublic, and Sendible. These tools range from all-in-one tools, filtering all of your social media platforms into one page, to tools that allow automatic scheduling and reposting of popular posts.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to target a specific niche and audience. You can update current customers on your latest products or services, keep customers engaged with requests for feedback or sales promotions, and lastly bring attention to new product releases. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business, and in turn, increase sales by bringing new traffic to your website. A few of the most popular Email Services are SendinBlue, Campaign Monitor, and Mailerlite. These services will automate newsletters, create welcome emails to new subscribers, and even go as far as to produce sales analytics from your email audience.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, gains online traction directly to your website organically. By improving your website's quality, your website will begin to receive more attention through search engines. Adding keywords, publishing relevant content, or even adding sitelinks to increase your click-through-rate are great ways of increasing the amount of time customers spend on your website. Google Analytics is one of the best free SEO tools, allowing you to track the number of site visits, identify trends and patterns, and collect data on visitors attaining to their bounce rates, average sessions, and page views.

4. Product Analytics

Product analytic programs analyze how your customers interact with your programs and services, allowing your to optimize your customers' experience. You are able to understand how your customers are thinking, and the decisions and purchases they are making. Product analytics are great for funneling sales, and segmenting, or identifying where your customers can from and their interests, while also pinpointing issues that may arise on your website. For instance, you can target a certain percentage of active customers to promote products and services that receive the most traction, allowing you to leverage your best-selling products effectively. Google Analytics and Quantum Metric are a few of the best product analytics tools that will target your customer behavior, and highlight what they are interacting with.

5. Viral Loop Marketing

Viral Loop Marketing is the process of getting users to advertise your products and services. By taking a personalized approach, a customer ends up liking your product, sharing it with their friends, ultimately bringing in a new audience, who then continue to share your product, creating a continuous loop. A Viral Loop marketing campaign can be achieved through using referral codes and links, or even discount codes to share with their peers. Viral Loop marketing is not limited to only working for startups, but can also be implemented effectively in existing businesses.

Despite these being some of the best marketing tools, there are plenty of resources/tools startups can utilize to build their brand. One of the biggest components to successfully marketing businesses and startups is making sure to set your goals, and pinpoint what you'd like to improve!

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