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Through Founders, you'll meet talented people. And where there's talent, there's a plethora of exciting ideas, jobs, and opportunities. Our role in the entrepreneurship community at UIUC connects us to some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Member Highlights

Founders members have incredible success stories. Here are a few noteworthy Founders alumni spotlights.

Josh James is a former Community Team Lead, serial entrepreneur, & current CMO of Karma Trade. After joining Founders he was inspired to make waves in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and went on to join the iVenture Accelerator's 7th Cohort.

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Matt Rastovac is a former Founders President and creator of Atmos. Matt revolutionized Founders during his time on campus by inspiring our community centered approach to entrepreneurship. He was named on the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Consumer Technology 


Bora Shim is a Founders alum who has worked internships at Amazon and Motorola Solutions. She was an architect of our community Discord server and now works as a Discord UIUC student ambassador.


Mike Sun is an alum and former Founders Vice President. Through Founders, he made connections to land him internships at large firms like J&J, Open Scout, & JP Morgran. Now he works at Zage, a fintech startup in San Francisco.


Michael Usachenko is a former Founders President who has successfully managed his own consulting firm, Arcloop, in California, where he automates startup workflows and database scaling. He interned at Apple during his time in Founders.


Gautam Ajjarapu & Vishnu Chakroborty are two friends and former Founders Team Leads who met after joining the organization in the same recruitment class. Now they've created multiple startups and secured their first rounds of VC funding together.


Sravya Patakota is an alum & Founders advisor who has made the most out of her time in the organization. Using the connections that she made at Founders events, she has been able to land internships at companies like Mastercard and JP Morgan Chase.


Bryan Sun is a former Founders co-president. During his time in Founders, he ran a startup called Helios Threads- a custom clothing supplier. He is now working on machine learning at Apple.


Eric Mills, Founder of Founders, has founded multiple startups and organizations in his career. He is a Y-Combinator alum and now works as the Senior Engineering Manager at Mimecast.

Where We Work

Curious about where Founders members end up after college?
Here are a few companies that we've been at...
and here are a few startups that current members and alumni have founded.
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Skyward, together.
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